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Bishop R.L. Robinson was called to preach at the tender age of 11 years old. Having accepted the call of GOD he began to preach from church to church at the amazement of many. Growing up in the denominational church gave Bishop Robinson a foundation for who GOD is.

In 2006 the FATHER gave him a mandate to leave all he knew & to embrace an assignment that would impact generations. It took some continual prompting, & GOD’S guidance, and in August 2008 in the family room of Bishop’s home, Kingdom & Grace Ministries International (KGM) was founded.


Bishop Robinson serves as the Senior Pastor of this vibrant SPIRIT filled church where the principles of the Kingdom of GOD through Faith in JESUS CHRIST is developing believers of all backgrounds & ages. Bishop R. L. Robinson is an anointed teacher of GOD’S WORD and an excellent leader for today’s generation. He is determined to lead Believers into purpose, which requires a lifestyle of FAITH, integrity, humility &  excellence.

In 2009, Bishop Robinson submitted himself & KGM to the Spiritual authority of Bishop I.V. & Pastor Bridget Hilliard of New Light Christian Center Church in Houston Texas, & is currently a member of the Association of Independent Ministries in which Bishop I.V. Hilliard is the presiding prelate.

On June 14, 2013 R. L. Robinson was consecrated into the office of Bishop, and now serves on the Board of Bishops for Kingdom Covenant International. Bishop R.L. Robinson is a Spiritual father and mentor to countless individuals, helping to develop them Spiritually, so that they can maximize their potential for the Kingdom of GOD.


On October 15, 2016 Bishop Robinson was united in marriage to Lady Sheila A. Robinson, who serves along side him in ministry. They are the parents of nine wonderful children.

Bishop Royce Robinson

Senior Pastor

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